There are many situations that call for a pencil instead of a pen, buy for people with Parkinson's disease, this can be difficult.

Do you like to work the crossword puzzles, word jumbles or cryptograms in the daily newspaper? Perhaps you're of a mathematical persuasion and enjoy figuring out those sudoku puzzles. In any case, using a pencil is often preferable in these scenarios for a robust trial-and-error strategy. An eraser is your friend!

Other circumstances that call for a pencil include:

  • Drawing up blueprints or models
  • Drafting and editing handwritten assignments and documents
  • Bubbling in answers on automated forms
  • Sketching up a drawing or painting
  • And much more…

The problem with the classic No. 2 pencil

The thing that makes using pencils even more difficult than using pens for people with Parkinson’s is that pencils often come in only one shape. That’s right, we’re all familiar with those extremely narrow No. 2 pencils.

Many ink pens come in large sizes or even feature special ergonomic shapes, but with pencils, we usually just get those plain old yellow ones we’ve known our whole lives. Even mechanical pencils are not much bigger if at all.

Sure, yellow pencils sometimes come in a hexagonal shape to enhance grip, but even then, the edges can hurt your fingers, and there is still not much to grab.

The right pencil for Parkinson’s

Our Weighted Pencil with The Grip is one of the few mechanical pencils you will find that corrects these problems. It does two things that help counteract the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

Added weight decreases tremors

First of all, it is weighted, which means its added weight reduces tremors and shaking associated with Parkinson’s. Coming in at 4.3 ounces, the Weighted Pencil with The Grip works to steady the hand for better handwriting or drawing.

Easy-to-hold grip decreases stress, fatigue

Secondly, the Weighted Pencil with The Grip comes with an advanced ergonomic grip made to reduce stress and exertion of the muscles in the fingers. The grip plus the added weight transfer muscle activity away from fine motor areas to the larger arm muscles, which increases control of the pencil.

Don’t settle for the same old yellow pencil. The Weighted Pencil with The Grip is the Parkinson’s-friendly pencil of the twenty-first century.

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