Patient Transfer Aids help transition or move immobilized people from one place to another.

Patient Transfer Aids

There is one thing that caregivers can count on: the need to move immobilized people from one place to another. This necessity poses unavoidable risk to both the patient and caregiver. You can minimize the risk by using gait belts with handles that permit the safe assist of a person who retains some weight-bearing capacity. Raising and lowering a patient becomes much easier with these walking belts and gait belts for patient mobility.

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Provides forearm assisted leg positioning.
Rotating pivot disk provides a smooth, controlled motion that makes the user feel secure.
$94.95 $79.95
Sliding technology helps make transfers easier.
Easily lifts a weak or casted leg.
Help provide assistance for individuals when walking, standing, or sitting.
Slick surface reduces friction, makes transfers easier.
Provides a smooth rigid transfer surface between level surfaces.
Helps people with limited lower extremity strength lift the leg and foot.
Adjustable closures provide a comfortable fit.
$46.95 $44.95
Helpful with rolling, turning, boosting up in bed and transferring individuals from one surface to another.
Useful for small transfers, repositioning and moving from bed to wheelchair.
$22.95 $17.95
More comfortable for assisting transfers for users with abdominal sensitivity.
$42.95 $39.95
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