Bed Positioning Aids help caregivers better position patients for more comfort.

Bed Positioning Aids

If the person you care for has to spend most of their time in bed, be sure to help them change position often. Health care providers recommend changing position at least every 4 hours. Foam wedges, wedge pillows, rolls and leg supports can be useful in providing comfortable position changes. A medical "trapeze" over the bed can help the person shift position by themselves if they are strong enough. If they are so weak they can't turn over, have a health care provider show you how to use a sheet to help roll the person in bed from side to side.
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Helpful for users who are prone to skin tears or abrasions
$59.95 $52.95
Relieves low back pressure, reduces swelling and improves blood flow to the lower legs.
Transforms your existing bed into an adjustable bed with just the touch of a button!
Aids in preventing heel pressure ulcers in children.
$37.95 $29.95
Helps prevent heel pressure ulcers in bariatric patients.
Adjustable blanket support lifts up blankets to protect sensitive feet.
Designed by an orthopedic surgeon to effectively remove pressure from the heel
Protects, elevates, and cushions the elbow.
Helps maintain a perfect position while reducing pressure in sensitive areas.
Supports the knees and lower legs and relieves pressure on the feet. nkles.
Eases pain in the back, legs, hips, and knees by maintaining proper spinal alignment.
Provides comfortable upper back support
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