While we can’t take a disability away, we can offer adapted dinnerware to help users dine with ease.

Adapted Dining Plates, Plate Guards & Bowls

Adapted Dining Plates, Plate Guards and Bowls are designed to help solve dining challenges. Disabilities and physical limitations can make eating at dinnertime more difficult for caregivers and their loved ones. Using special plates with raised edges for scooping food, non-slip bottoms, bright colors can help. Bowls with added weight can help stabilize tremors and shaking for people who have suffered a stroke or have Parkinson's. Use these adapted dining aids to help make eating less work and more enjoyable for those who have difficulty feeding themselves.
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Non skid, no spill dessert bowl with suction pad.
Non skid, no spill soup bowl with vacuum suction base
Large bowl with patented no slip vacuum pad. It won't move!
Patented non-slip vacuum pad stops the scoop plate from moving!
Large divided plate with patented non-slip vacuum pad. It won't move!
Plastic food bumpers help with scooping food.
Provides a barrier to push food against.
Designed to help keep foods warm or cold for users who need longer dining times.
Lids for Insulated Bowl and Insulated Weighted Bowl.
Double wall construction, adapted dining bowl features added weight to help reduce tremors.
Studies show Alzheimer patients increase food intake by 24% and liquid by 84% due to red color.
Helps make scooping food onto utensils easier.
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