Caregiver Products that help make eating, drinking, swallowing, and dining a little easier.

In the Kitchen

Feeding and Eating aids including adult bibs, scoop plates, food bumpers, plate guards, weighted utensils, adapted silverware, tableware, cups, mugs and more. Dining aids help make caring for the disabled or handicapped easier.

Feeding can be difficult for caregivers as disease progress and their loved one looses their ability to not only feed themselves, but also tell what they want greatly diminishes. As hand and eye coordination becomes impaired, caregivers can encourge the use of adapted dining aids to allow users to be able to feed themselves as much as possible. Cups with lids, and plates with divisions and suction to the table, spoons and forks that won't flip over and are larger in size are all helpful adapted dining aids. Your loved one can maintain more independence for a longer time by using these adapted forks and spoons. If swallowing becomes difficult, caregivers can use a feeder that allows the user to sip their meals through.
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