Walker attachments and accessories allow individuals to customize walkers to their specific needs.

Walker Accessories

Walker accessories include walker bags, cup holders, walker light, walker side bags, walker pouch, walker baskets, walker glides, walker trays and hand grip pads.
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Basic Style Walker holder attaches to scooter seatback
Choose from Round or Square Tubing Attachments.
Allows walker user to carry their belongings everywhere they go.
Helps users maneuver an oxygen tank and a rolling walker at the same time.
Allows rolling walker users to easily carry an E size oxygen tank cylinder.
Helps users maneuver their walker over bumps or cracks in sidewalks and doorways.
$7.95 $6.95
Provides additional light for increased safety when using a mobility device.
Bright colored, easy to see tennis ball glues for rolling walkers
$7.95 $5.95
Wrap around the handle grips of traditional walkers.
Zippered gel pads provide soft cushioning
Durable denim bag with pockets designed for rollator walkers.
Universal beverage holder with vertical tubing attachment
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