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Pair of comfortable slippers for therapeutic moist heat or cold application for pain relief
$54.95 $44.95
Easy to do exercises can be performed alone or with a caregiver.
$13.95 $9.95
Helpful for users who have difficulty putting on or taking off socks.
$43.95 $22.95
Glycern gel pads eliminate friction under the arms for crutch users.
$29.95 $21.95
A self-wipe, sanitary, easy to use, multipurpose, portable, personal toilet tissue aid.
$53.95 $49.99
Can be used for many activities such as eating, writing, crafts, working on the computer, reading and games.
$337.97 $209.95
A stylish round handrail that can be installed around circular shower fixtures.
$199.00 $189.95
Convenient storage shelf and integrated handrail for bath safety
$199.00 $189.95
Perfect place to store your soap also offers just the right amount of assistance.
A functional and attractive towel bar and handrail.
$199.00 $189.95
Easily folds down to provide a comfortable place to sit when showering.
Spa inspired wooden shower seat.
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