Variety of adapted drinking cups, straws, and other special needs aids designed to assist those with swallowing or mobility concerns.

Adapted Drinking Aids

Specialized drinking cups, mugs and adapted straws help users maintain their ability to drink independently. Drinking aids are designed to allow users who have difficulty holding standard cups and glasses to be able to drink with little or no assistance from their caregivers. These adapted drinking products include devices such as 2 handle mugs with lids, sippy drinking cups for elderly, that are easy to pick up, hold and drink from without excessive strain or accidental spills. Straws are available in a variety of styles and lengths, and straw holders fit on top of the cup to keep the straw in one place. Caregivers will find these helpful drinking aids help their loved ones hold cups, drink beverages, use drinking straws or help them to provide liquids to an individual who can not drink on their own.
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Helps prevent spills and splashes.
Replacement lids for Kinsman cups.
Easy and comfortable to grip insulated mug with large single handle
Clips to the lip of glasses and cups.
Cup with nose cut out allows drinking with proper head and neck positioning, helpful for safe swallowing.
Single handle, heavy drinking cups keep beverages warm or cold.
Nosey Glass allows drinking without bending the neck
Large single handle mug with lid and weighted base, helpful for individuals with hand tremors.
Double wall, lightweight adapted cup with single handle. Choose cup with Spout Lid or No-Spill Lid.
Studies show Alzheimer patients increase food intake by 24% and liquid by 84% due to red color.
Mount onto the edge of any glass or cup to keep a drinking straw in position.
Allows caregivers to control the liquid flow for users to drink dribble-free while lying down.
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