Therapeutic Skin Care Products help to quickly heal damaged skin.

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Pressure sores, bedsores, or other broken skin can be a serious problem when caring for someone at home. In addition to changing position in bed often, to help keep skin healthy, keep the sheets dry and free from wrinkles, and massage the back and other parts of the body (like hips, elbows, and ankles) that press down on the bed. Report any red or broken areas on the skin to the doctor or nurse right away.

Triderma MD® Therapeutic Skin Products quickly heal damaged skin. By combining highly effective ingredients with superior AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, we've created maximum healing for even the toughest skin irritations. All without the use of cortisone or other damaging drugs.
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Securely holds and protects feeding tubes.
Aids in preventing heel pressure ulcers in children.
$37.95 $29.95
Helps prevent heel pressure ulcers in bariatric patients.
Designed by an orthopedic surgeon to effectively remove pressure from the heel
Protects, elevates, and cushions the elbow.
Gel pad infused with mineral oil moisturizes dry cracked heels.
Protects the elbow from pressure, friction and shear forces to help prevent elbow ulcerations.
Gel infuses your hands with vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils.
Protects while moisturizing and soothing the achilles tendon.
For fragile or sensitive skin that may bruise or tear easily.
For fragile or sensitive skin that may bruise or tear easily.
Provides protection against skin breakdown.
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