As a caregiver, have you experienced your loved one’s frustration with not being able to eat the way they used to due to mobility impairments.

Acquiring a disability unfortunately can mean taking a backseat to activities the person used to enjoy, such as hunting, fishing, playing sports and — especially — being able to feed one self.

A real, viable solution is finally here

There is a brand new invention exactly for this purpose — the E-Z Eat Self-Feeding Machine. And we at The Wright Stuff are proud to be one of the first sellers of this innovative product.

We all know the usual struggles

Have you or someone you care for had trouble picking up sandwiches. Until now, there were just a few, non-ideal solutions to this common struggle. You could:

  • Cut up the sandwich into pieces to stick with a fork. But the fact is, sandwiches were not meant to be eaten with a fork and torn apart like this. It just doesn’t taste the same.
  • Feed the sandwich to the individual. This allows the person to eat a sandwich without chopping it up, but it also involves a lot of coordination between feeder and person being fed, often resulting in spilled mustard and dropped tomatoes!
  • Make smaller sandwiches with less toppings to make it easier to lift the sandwich for the individual with a disability. But this is nothing but settling. You shouldn’t have to settle with less!

You deserve to be able to eat a (big) sandwich the way it was meant to be eaten. That’s the goal of the E-Z Eat Self-Feeding Machine.

How it works

Simply put the sandwich, pizza slice, chicken strip or any other handheld food into the area with the parchment paper in between the jaws, and spin the wheel at the bottom to move the sandwich along as you eat it.

This unique invention is also a great help to caregivers, because it frees them up to do other things while their loved ones eat independently. It helps put the person with a disability at ease, since they no longer have to wait on others to feed them or give them bites, or feel like they are in a rush to eat so as not to take up their caregiver’s time.

The E-Z Eat Self-Feeding Machine is truly a win-win solution for everyone and at an affordable cost.

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