Diseases such as Parkinson’s and Arthritis are often overlooked and misunderstood, as the severity of both of these cases can greatly affect our conditions of living. Weakened muscles present a daily challenge for those with Parkinson’s, simple things such as carrying a drink across the room can become a chore. The same scenario can be said for those with Arthritis, although Arthritis can be found in many parts of the body, it’s often diagnosed in our hands first. This can lead to a series of problems that can only be resolved through rigorous treatment and surgery.

Regaining Independence

Unfortunately, not all diseases can be cured through surgery and often times, the ones that can be cured are also quite expensive without the right insurance. This leaves many people attempting to adapt to their new living conditions, but ultimately find themselves struggling with common tasks in their daily routine. This can cause independence to decline which will also impact the attitude we have when living with these diseases.

Here are three simple items to improve independent living:

High Sided Divided Plate - The High Sided Divided Plate has dividers to keep food separate, but also to make it easier for those that have to eat with one hand by offering more structure to aid in shoveling food onto a spoon or a fork. This can be very helpful with weak muscles and unsteady hands. It also comes with a lid for easy storage.

Independence Tumbler - The Independence Tumbler puts a new spin on “drinking safely” by providing a lid with a special mechanism to control the flow of liquids. One push of a button is all it takes to use this product. Replacement lids are also an option.

Overbed Tables - For those days that getting out of bed seems impossible, our options of Overbed Tables can be helpful by providing a sturdy space to eat and work.

Consult a doctor about possible treatments to improve your condition, but in the meantime there’s always options to improve independence at home, too.

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