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Twiddle-Cat Senior Activity Muff Brown
Twiddle-Cat Senior Activity Muff Brown

Twiddle-Cat Senior Activity Muff

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Soft plush hand warmer provides something to hold, manipulate, fidget, comforting activity for users.
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Caregivers providing in home care to individuals with dementia, or Alzheimer's, will find the Twiddle®Cat Senior Activity Muff provides something to fidget with, hold, or manipulate. These activities can have a calming effect on people who are soothed by repetitive tactile motion. Hands and mind are kept active and engaged by the interior soft-plastic orbit ball, a sealed satin crackle pouch, a loop of multi-colored wooden beads, streaming textured ribbons, and a Velcro® pull patch.

The Twiddle-Cat Senior Activity Muff is a hand-warmer with multiple sensory stimulating attachments. This cuddly kitty without claws features soft, cozy, fleecy fur in shades of chocolate brown or cream, with rich satin embellishments. This highly effective and safe sensory therapy tool is helpful to reduce stress and increase brain function in children with Autism and elderly patients living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

All Twiddles® are machine washable and dryer-friendly. (Just remember to remove all gadgets first.)

Twiddle-Cat Senior Activity Muff Specifications:

  • Color: Brown.
  • Materials: Fleece with satin embellishments.
  • Measures: 12 inches long.
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Care: Machine washable and dryer-friendly. (Remove all gadgets first.)

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