Fun games, activity aids, puzzles helpful for caregivers providing care for stroke recovery, stroke rehabilitation at home.

Brain games for stroke rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation can be a difficult process, but there is an easy way for caregivers to help stroke patients with recovery while having fun at the same time. Games, puzzles and brain activities can actually help with brain functions such as: reasoning, memory, decision making, turn taking, information processing and much more. Here are helpful adapted puzzles, games and activities for improving a variety of cognitive deficits following a stroke.
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Interactive entertainment aid for the elderly.
Adapated for people at various stages of dementia.
Adapted bingo game with vibrant colors, for dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke, users with different cognitive levels.
Ideal for people with dementia, or memory loss who enjoy playing cards
Large puzzle pieces and bright colors for users with dementia.
Large print adapted puzzle provides good brain exercise for seniors.
Enables users to create their own puzzles using magnetic pieces.
$24.95 $17.95
Helpful for all ages with various reading challenges due to low-vision, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, those who struggle with focus, tracking, comprehension and retention.
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