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Zipper Rings Package of 3 large grip zipper pulling rings.
Zipper Rings Package of 3 large grip zipper pulling rings.

Zipper Rings : Package of 3

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Large rings allow users to easily grip and pull zipper tabs on jackets, pants, other items.
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The Zipper Rings Package of 3 are large, one-inch rings with clips to attach to a zipper tab. These metal rings are easier to pull than small zipper tabs and allow people who have difficulty gripping to increase dressing independence.

Zipper Rings are easy to attach to zipper tabs on clothing, jackets, backpacks, bags, and other items. These are effective small pieces of adaptive equipment that can ease the zipping process for users who have difficulty gripping. A large ring zipper pull attached to the pull-tab end of a zipper is an effective way for many people to gain a sense of accomplishment, increase independence, and improve zipping and unzipping skills. The metal rings provide an effective advantage due to their sturdiness. A strong zipper pull allows for users to grasp in various ways of using including a lateral key grasp with the thumb and index finger together, or just the thumb or the index finger alone. Caregivers will find these large zipper pulls allow users to easily zip items open or close. The rings clip to the hole at the end of a zipper tab. Each package includes 3 metal zipper rings that measure 1 inch in diameter. Zipper Rings Package of 3 help users who have difficulty gripping and pulling zippers to improve their independence in dressing.

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Zipper Rings Specifications:

  • Includes: 3 rings.
  • Measure: 1 inch diameter.
  • Fit: Zipper pull tabs with an opening.

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