November is a time of great celebration. Let's not forget that November is also National Caregiver Month. While we give thanks this year, we want to especially thank all you caregivers out there, as many of you volunteer long hours to your loved ones in the elderly and disabled populations.

It is a simple fact that most care giving in the United States is accomplished by unpaid family members, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance. Many caregivers jostle careers and family responsibilities, and it can be hard to keep an eye on our loved ones, especially those who need around-the-clock supervision to prevent pressure sores and shear stress.

We would like to help give you greater peace of mind by featuring these products to help relieve pressure for loved ones who use wheelchairs for significant periods of time due to stroke or other conditions.

Use polymer cushions to pad a wheelchair seat

First of all, we have several cushions made of Akton polymer, offering varying levels of protection against pressure sores and decubitus ulcers. For those in need of moderate protection, you may choose the Centurian Seat Cushion.

For those who have a history of ulcers, try the Action Professional Cushion. The Action Professional Cushion offers 50 percent more cushioning to protect against pressure, shear stress and vibration. With both of these items, you may buy the Basic Cover, which zips onto the cushion, or the Incontinence Cover to keep the cushion extra clean for those who are incontinent.

Distribute weight more evenly with these cushions

Another strategy for reducing pressure is to get cushions that distribute weight evenly. For instance, our Shear Smart Pad, also made of Akton polymer, is made of tiny cubes to distribute pressure in a less harsh manner. It also allows for more air circulation and heat dissipation.

The EquaGel Straight Comfort Gel Cushion also offers a more equal weight distribution. It is made of silicone gel cells that distribute point pressure in a way that prevents and heals pressure sores.

Our country would not be the same without our family caregivers. With so many things going on in their lives, it can be hard for them to maintain pressure sore prevention 24/7. These cushions will help!