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Weighted Button Aid
Weighted Button Aid

Weighted Button Aid

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Heavy, built-up handle with finger grips helps stabilize the hand.
Part Number: CKE30505
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The Weighted Button Aid features a heavy, vinyl grip handle with contoured finger grips. Caregivers for people with unsteady hands or tremors will find the added weight in the handle helps to stabilize a shaky hand.

The Weighted Button Aid is an easy to use buttoning tool with a heavy handle. The stainless steel wire loop button hook securely and easily pulls a button through the clothing eyelet. The Weighted Button Aid weighs about 8 oz and measures 7-1/2 inches long. Weighted Button Aid assists in stabilizing the hand of those persons with unsteady hands or tremors. People with Parkinson's or hand tremors may find this adapted buttoning and zipping tool helpful for dressing.

Weighted Button Aid Specifications:

  • Measures: 7-1/2 inches long overall.
  • Handle measures: 1-1/8 inch diameter, 5 inches long.
  • Weighs: 8 oz.

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