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Ventopedic Heel Protector
Ventopedic Heel Protector relieves heel pressure and promotes circulation.

Ventopedic Heel Protector

Provides cushion and support to relieve pressure on heels.

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TexMedico Inc.
  • 3 layers provide soft heel cushioning and support.
  • Specialized fabric wicks away moisture.
  • Adjustable straps secure protector around foot.
The Ventopedic Heel Protector is a heel positioning aid that has 3 layers with soft, specialized fabric that wicks away moisture and promotes air circulation to aid skin healing. This heel protector helps caregivers protect people at risk for skin breakdown from increased pressure on the heel by providing cushioning, comfort, and support.

The Ventopedic Heel Protector relieves pressure on the heel by using multiple layers of fabric for soft cushioning, making it ideal for preventing pressure sores. The hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers in the unique fabric attract and expel moisture 4 times faster than other fabrics. Skin stays comfortable and dry as heat and moisture easily escape thanks to 3-dimensional air flow ventilation. The heel protector's soft nylon exterior slides easily across bed sheets for simpler bed mobility. Adjustable straps position the protector around the foot.

Ventopedic Heel Protector Instructions

Ventopedic Heel Protector Specifications:

  • Fabric content: 90% Polyester 10% Cotton, Latex Free.
  • Fabric care: Machine Washable 160 – 167ºF (71 – 75 º C) Drying Temperature 220 ºF.
  • Sizing: One size fits most.
  • Fits: Left or right foot.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Includes: One Ventopedic Heel Protector.
  • Made in: Canada.
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