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Universal Hand Clip
Universal Hand Clip

Universal Hand Clip

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Attaches to phones, cups, bottles, hair brushes and other items.
Part Number: AMI73603
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The Universal Hand Clip is a gripping aid designed for users with limited hand strength or unsteady hands. The hand clip fits snug against the hand and attaches to a variety of personal care and household items. Caregivers will find users who are unable to grip can hold and use items independently with this helpful daily living aid.

The Universal Hand Clip includes heavy duty hook-and-loop (Velcro) adhesive back strips for attaching to hair brushes, phones, bottles and other items. This durable spring action hand clip is made from durable, long-lasting Polypropylene. The 5 inch long and 1 inch wide spring clip fits snug against the hand for a secure but comfortable grip. Caregivers for users who have difficulty gripping will find the Universal Hand Clip provides a helpful solution for holding a variety of items for increasing independence.

Universal Hand Clip Specifications:

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