UltraOptix produces high quality vision aid products. UltraOptix offers a range of magnifiers including standard hand-held magnifiers, LED-lighted magnifiers, high performance EZ Readers, and LED book lights. UltraOptix products assist those with difficulty reading or seeing objects during their daily routines by lighting and magnifying the obstructed areas.

Caregiver Products is proud to supply customers with high quality visual aids designed and manufactured by UltraOptix.
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Magnifier for reading small type in low light at home or on the go.
$9.95 $7.95
Optical quality page magnifier with hi-power insets.
Ultraoptix handheld lighted magnifying glass
Adjustable lanyard for hands free reading
Frameless round magnifier with light
$18.95 $16.95
Folding handle for easy storage or travel
Handheld 2X magnifying glass with light.