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Twiddle-Classic Senior Activity Muff is machine washable and dryer-friendly.
Twiddle-Classic Senior Activity Muff is machine washable and dryer-friendly.

Twiddle-Classic Senior Activity Muff

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Provides comfort, warmth, and activity to promote increased hand flexibility and brain stimulation.
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The Twiddle-Classic Senior Activity Muff is an elegant hand warming muff with satin textured fringe and multiple attachments for sensory stimulation. Caregivers will find this luxurious lavender blue muff embellished with rings of satin textured fringe provides an engaging, entertaining way to occupy the hands.

This original Twiddle-Classic Senior Activity Muff provides mental and physical stimulation with a multi-colored soft plastic orbit ball inside for squeezing, a loop of multi-colored wooden beads, flowing textured ribbons, a Velcro pull patch, satin pocket and crackle pouch. Caregivers often have difficulty finding activities for loved ones with dementia, and many games for Alzheimer's patients become ineffective as the disease progresses into the late stages. It is common for these clients to have restless hands, particularly if they had been accustomed to performing manual activities, such as knitting, typing or playing a musical instrument prior to the onset of Alzheimer's. Professional caregivers rave about the effectiveness of Twiddle®Muffs. It has long been known that having something to hold and manipulate, something to "twiddle" or fidgit with, can have a calming effect on people who suffer from dementia. The textures, the gadgets, the warm coziness of the Twiddles are all there for just that. The focus and the stimulation they provide truly adds to the quality of life of the individual. Caregivers providing in home care to patients who benefit from continuous mental stimulation will find the Twiddle-Classic Senior Activity Muff helpful for providing warmth and stimulation.

All Twiddles® are machine washable and dryer-friendly. Just remember to remove all gadgets first!

Twiddle-Classic Senior Activity Muff Specifications:

  • Color: Lavender blue.
  • Materials: Fleece with satin embellishments and soft fringe.
  • Measures: 12 inches long.
  • Weight: 9 oz.
  • Care: Machine washable and dryer-friendly. (Remove all gadgets first.)

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