Traveling requires deciding what you need to take with you and what you can leave behind. The last thing you want is for your loved one to worry about carrying around a sandwich bag full of medicine bottles. It’s time to get smart and travel light. In this installment of our Traveling with Seniors series, we’ll look at ways your loved one can manage their medications on the go.

Detach and go

Let’s say you and your loved one are going to be leaving for three days. Packing just the right amount of medications is quick and easy with the Detach-N-Go Jumbo Pill Box. This unique organizer has seven detachable pill boxes, each with AM and PM compartments. Don’t need all seven for your trip? Just detach the first three. You won’t have to worry about a bunch of loose pill boxes because the three you take for your trip can stay attached to each other. Tight snapping lids make sure your loved ones meds are safe on the road.

Get organized with MediChest

Sometimes you just need more organization. If your loved one has medications to take all throughout the day, the MediChest Curved Weekly Pill Organizer can make it easier to keep up with it all while away from home. MediChest comes with seven pill boxes. Each one has morning, noon, evening, and bedtime compartments. Each pill box can be individually removed from the storage tray, allowing your loved one to carry just the right amount of medications. Curved edges make it easy to remove pills. And the translucent pill boxes let you easily ensure that your loved one has taken their meds properly.

No more hassle with hard-to-open bottles

Seniors can have trouble opening regular medicine containers due to weaker muscles, aging joints, and conditions such as arthritis. This can be especially frustrating for your loved one while traveling. There’s already enough going on without introducing yet another obstacle. Fortunately, Easy Open Vials can help. Simply squeeze the vials at the top just below the cap and they pop open. Your loved one can open the vials regardless of limited hand or finger strength by positioning both thumbs on one side while pushing the opposite side against a table top or other surface. The lid stays attached so that there’s no worry of dropping or losing it. These Easy Open Vials are versatile and great for traveling.

Pills made portable

No matter how long your trip, these medication organizers and containers can help your loved one leave behind all those clunky and unsightly pill bottles and carry just the right amount of medication for the trip.

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