Traveling often times means spending a lot of time in cramped automobile and airplane seats. This can cause your loved one to suffer neck and back pain or worsen the symptoms of arthritis and other conditions during your trip. In this third installment of our Traveling with Seniors series, we’ll look at some portable pillows and cushions that can make your loved one’s ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

Keep your head up

For long car and and plane rides, your loved one can benefit from a portable neck pillow, especially if they plan to get a nap in. The IMAK HappiNeck Orthopedic Pillow helps your loved one sleep as well when traveling as they do at home. It provides proper support to the neck while sitting or lying down. The Travel Core Pillow can relieve muscle stress and tension by reducing nerve pressure on the neck.

The similarly shaped DPL LED Therapy Neck Pillow cradles the neck and provides support for cervical alignment. Both pillows are portable and can help your loved ones relax better and get a more restful sleep while traveling.

Multiple choice comfort with memory foam

If your loved one finds themselves readjusting a lot and having trouble finding a comfortable position, the Hermell Body Aligner Pillow can help. It can be used in multiple positions to provide support to different parts of the body. For example, placing it under the knees can provide lower back support or placing it behind the back can provide gentle lumbar support. And once you get to your destination and your loved one gets a chance to lie down, you can even place it under their ankles to elevate the legs and improve circulation.

Sophisticated pressure relief with medical-grade gel

If your loved one has the propensity to develop pressure sores because of long periods of sitting, they could benefit from the unique design of the Synergel Dimensions Gel Cushion. Made up of medical-grade silicone gel cells, the Synergel cushion allows for air flow and relieves pressure points. It does this by distributing pressure over a wide area, which reduces the pressure per square inch and protects bony prominences. In fact, the Synergel cushion is designed to mimic the same physical characteristics as human fat tissue to cushion bones.

The Synergel cushion won’t leak if punctured, is ideal in extreme temperatures and wet conditions, and will not dry or rot out, making it a durable cushioning option for traveling.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Traveling doesn’t have to mean pain and discomfort for your loved one. Bed Positioning Aids and cushions like the ones we’ve described can give your loved one support where they need it to make their traveling pleasant and comfortable.

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