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Toothettes Oral Swabs
Toothettes Oral Swabs

Toothettes Oral Swabs - Discontinued

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Bag of 20 individually wrapped oral swabs untreated or appealing mint flavoring.
Part Number: CSM214
Not for Sale
Toothettes Oral Swabs include a package of 20 individually wrapped soft foam disposable swabs. Caregivers will find providing oral hygiene care and cleaning is easier with these easy to use oral swabs.

The Toothettes Oral Swabs for oral hygiene have ridges for stimulating gums and gentle cleaning. Caregivers for people who are unable to use a standard toothbrush will find the oral swabs helpful. Each package includes 20 Toothettes Oral Swabs that are individually wrapped. These untreated foam swabs help make oral hygiene care and cleaning easier for people who are unable to use a standard toothbrush. Toothettes Oral Swabs have soft foam ridges that provide a gentle and thorough cleaning.

Non returnable if packaging is opened.

Toothettes Specifications:

  • Package: 20 individually wrapped swabs.
  • Dimensions: 4 1/4 inches long, 3/4 inch diameter foam tip.

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