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MOH400 The Nearly Universal OH Cupholder
MOH400 The Nearly Universal OH Cupholder

The Nearly Universal OH Cupholder

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Securely attaches and easy to remove from wheelchair and scooter armrests.
Part Number: MOH400
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Are you a caregiver providing assistance to an individual who requires the use of a wheelchair, power chair, or motorized scooter? Are you often asked to carry their drink? If so, you need The Nearly Universal OH Cupholder! With this unique cup holder, mobility scooter users can maneuver their chair and not worry about spills. The unique design of the holder allows it to securely fit a variety of different armrest sizes, lengths, and shapes. This lightweight, durable, cup holder will accommodate many different shapes and sizes of cups and mugs with or without handles.

The unique design of the Universal OH Cupholder has worked with wheelchairs, power chairs, vehicle seats, stadium armrests, even airline armrests. This "nearly" universal cup holder attaches simply with velcro straps which are included. First, feed straps through the cup holder with the hook/loop side facing outward. Then, wrap straps around and under armrest, back through the slots, and secure the straps down tightly. For a sturdier fit, apply the included foam pads to the underside of the cup holder. The Nearly Universal OH Cupholder provides caregivers a helpful solution for carrying drinks for their loved ones using a wheelchair, power chair or scooter for mobility.

The Nearly Universal OH Cupholder Specifications:

  • Made of: Recycled Plastic.
  • Measures: Overall 9 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, 4 inches high. Cup holder tapers from 2.5 inch diameter at bottom to 3.5 inch diameter at top and is 3.5 inches high.
  • Made in: USA.
  • Weighs: 3.2 ounces.

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