Thanksgiving is approaching, and this is a time for all of us to give thanks for our many blessings. This holiday can be stressful for seniors and people who provide care for them. But with some proper planning and the right attitude, Thanksgiving to can be a time of joy for all of us. Consider these tips below for seniors:

Do Not Eat Alone

If you are a senior who is by herself, you should not eat by yourself. many senior centers have wonderful Thanksgiving meals. Share the holiday with someone.

Do Not Drink Too Much

It is easy for all of us to drink too much around Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is never a good thing, and can be unhealthy for senior citizens who are on various medications.

If your loved one has limited hand mobility, consider Knorks for easier eating.

Take Note of Your Health

Many seniors avoid going to the doctor during the holidays, but if you do not feel well, be sure to get in there right away. Colds, flu and depression are quite common in the winter months and should not be ignored.

For caregivers, please keep these hints in mind:

Make a Special Meal for Your Loved One

Taste buds and the ability to chew can change a lot for seniors, so you might consider making food that is easier for your loved one to eat. Also consider making dishes that are lower in fat, lower in sodium, and also with more seasoning.

Take Help As It Is Offered

If you are attending a Thanksgiving dinner with your family, other family members may offer to help you with your caregiving. Take the help and be thankful for it! It is sometimes common for some caregivers to feel as if only they can provide the care their loved one needs.

Remember Yourself

It also is easy to become overly focused on the needs of your loved one. This can lead to burnout. So, take enough time for yourself at Thanksgiving, and enjoy the food and family time.