Non Slip Mats are extremely effective pads that turn dry, smooth and slippery surfaces including tables, worktops, trays, and floor surfaces, into non slip surfaces.

Non Slip Mats

Non Slip Mats provide increased gripping power. These gripping materials provide a secure surface that anchors items to tables and prevents them from sliding. Caregivers will find these mats can be used to stop plates from sliding on a table, stop books from slipping on a bookshelf, prevent paper from slipping during writing, stabilize equipment or limbs for exercise, under plates for eating and dining. Large mats provide a sure footing for those who experience weight transference and balance problems either when pushing up from a seated position or when lowering themselves down onto a seat.

Different color options can be used by those with visually impairments to contrast areas around the home. Non Slip Mats are helpful for children by preventing cups and papers from slipping on table tops, on chairs and high chairs, or on the floor to help with balance. Non slip mats help caregivers by improving grip, providing support, stability, and visual cues during everyday activities and exercise.
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Easy to apply for a more secure, non slip grip
5.5 inch diameter non-slip round coaster
$15.95 $8.95
10 x 7 inch rectangle non slip silicone placemat
13.75x10 inch rectangular silicone pad
Aids caregiver and patient by helping prevent spills!
$39.95 $35.95
Helps prevent plates or glasses from sliding around.
Stable platform with non-slip material on both sides, ideal for transporting items such as hot foods, drinks, electronics, school & work materials, and many other items you may use while performing daily activities.
Soft lap desk keeps book or tablet at an easy to read angle
Ideal for one handed users.
Non slip, non skid mats help caregivers prevent spills.
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