For caregivers, providing care for the elderly goes beyond the primary responsibility of meeting the basic care needs. It extends also to helping ensure that the senior is as comfortable as possible. Autumn brings with it a challenge in the area of comfort. Because sensitivity to cold air increases as we get older, caregivers are tasked with seeking ways to offer a little more TLC as the temperatures drop.

The question is: What are some ways we can provide extra comfort for our senior loved ones when the weather turns nippy? We will help answer this question below.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

This is at the top of the comfort list. Elderly skin is more susceptible to become dry, sore, and cracked as a result of cold weather exposure. To help avoid this painful condition, find and use a good moisturizing lotion on their skin, particularly after bathing. Cetaphil, Lubriderm, and that old standby Vaseline are all excellent products to have on hand to provide extra moisture and protection. We wash our hands frequently throughout the day and because that can dry them out, a moisturizing hand soap may be helpful as well. The iBest 9 website provides a list of the twenty best liquid hand soaps based on research and reviews.

TriDerma MD Intense Healing Cream

If after using moisturizing soap and lotion, you still find yourself dealing with cracked skin conditions we offer a fast healing cream product on our website — TriDerma MD Intense Healing Cream — which can be used daily.

Avoid having cold feet

Posey Fall Management Non Slip Socks

A common complaint is that of cold feet. Walking around the house when the weather is colder may necessitate a pair of thick socks or slippers to provide comfort. Posey Fall Management socks will not only keep your loved one’s feet warm when navigating around the house without shoes, but will also help prevent slips and falls as they offer increased grip with their rubber treads. Aromatherapy foot warmers will not only provide heat for their cold feet, but the scent of the aromatherapy will soothe and calm them as well.

Cold sensitivity is not limited to senior’s feet, but they experience it with their hands as well and have an overall whole body sensitivity. Lightweight gloves and scarves that can be worn inside, as well as throws and heat packs can help provide additional comfort in the home when it’s a little drafty.

A lot of us like to "hibernate" when the weather turns cold, providing your loved one with a special pillow or cushion can add some extra comfort during their nap time. Give them one of our contour pillows to aid them in getting quality z’s.

We hope we have given you some help in meeting the cold weather comfort challenge. Please share some additional tools you have found to be helpful in providing that extra TLC when the temps drop.

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