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CHP431 HealthCraft SuperPole System with SuperBar
CHP431 HealthCraft SuperPole System with SuperBar

HealthCraft SuperPole SuperBar System

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Versatile support bar that aids in transfers.
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The Health Craft Super Pole Super Bar System provides horizontal and vertical support for a variety of transfer applications. The SuperBar is a horizontal pivoting and locking bar that attaches directly to the SuperPole.

The SuperBar attachment was designed uniquely for people who require moderate assistance to achieve small steps during transfer. The bar unlocks and pivots freely to move with you step by step, and locks every 45 degrees for stability during standing and sitting transfers. The grab bar automatically locks when released preventing forward or lateral falls.

The SuperPole is a secure transfer aid that easily installs between a the floor and ceiling and is held by a jackscrew expansion. The screw expands the pole to create enough tension between the floor and ceiling to hold the pole securely. Rubber pads on the ceiling plate and the floor plate hold the transfer pole in place and prevent marring of the ceiling or floor. Installs easily with no structural reinforcements needed.

The SuperPole SuperBar System can easily be installed beside a bed, bath, toilet or chair. Since it is more compact than a walker, is it ideal for use in small restricted areas such as washrooms, and for pivot transfers in narrow areas such as between bed and wall, narrow hallways, etc. This transfer aid allows weight shifting, moving, standing, leaving or transferring into bed, wheelchair, to a walker or bedside commode. In a shower, the Super Pole with Super Bar provides complete support for stepping over the tub wall without reaching for wall grab bars. The SuperBar can pivot away from shower curtains, allowing them to fully close during a shower. For toilet transfers, the SuperBar permits pulling up to standing and then also provides leaning support while managing clothing.

PDFSuperPole System Product Instructions

HealthCraft SuperPole SuperBar System Specifications:

  • Material: Alloy steel with Anti-microbial white powder coat finish.
  • Grip material: Grey, premium high quality grip 20 inches long. Does not contain rubber or latex.
  • Expansion Mechanism: Steel jackscrew, zinc plated 1 1/8 inch fine cut thread.
  • Base Plate: 5 inch diameter, non marking base plate rubber, ribbed for better gripping.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds.
  • Pole length (floor to ceiling): 93 - 99 inches; 7 feet 9 inches to 8 feet 4 inches.
  • Pole Weight: 13 pounds. (18 pounds with hardware)
  • SuperBar: Measures 1.5 inch diameter, 16 inch length, locks every 45 degrees (8 positions), height adjustable typically 24-38 inches (from floor, with limit of 58 inches from ceiling to top of bar).
  • Made in: Canada.

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