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CHP436 SuperPole SuperTrapeze System
CHP436 SuperPole SuperTrapeze System

SuperPole SuperTrapeze System

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Makes transfers from a lying down to sitting up in bed position to a standing position easy!
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The HealthCraft SuperPole SuperTrapeze System is a floor to ceiling mounted pole with handle that provides support for those requiring assistance for transferring from a lying position to a seated position in bed. The triangular shape includes two points of leverage so users can climb more easily into a seated position.

The SuperTrapeze handle has 2 horizontal hand grips that allow the user to pull up for repositioning in bed. The SuperPole SuperTrapeze requires less floor space than traditional trapeze floor stand systems. The handle can be hooked around the pole for convenient storage. The 17 inch long support arm can be adjusted to the correct height for the user at the time of installation.

At the bottom of the SuperPole is a jack screw that expands the pole to create enough tension between the floor and ceiling to hold the pole securely. Rubber pads on the ceiling plate and the floor plate hold prevent damage to floor and ceiling surfaces. Caregivers will find the ease of installing a SuperPole is what makes this bed trapeze grab bar so versatile. There is no drilling required, and no damage to floors and ceilings when removed or relocated.

PDFSuperPole System Product Instructions

SuperPole SuperTrapeze System Specifications:

  • Material: Alloy steel Anti-microbial white powder coat finish.
  • Finish: Anti-microbial powder coat white gloss finish.
  • Grip material: Grey, premium high quality grip 20 inches long. Does not contain rubber or latex.
  • Expansion Mechanism: Steel jackscrew, zinc plated 1 1/8 inch fine cut thread.
  • Base Plate: 5 inch diameter, non marking base plate rubber, ribbed for better gripping.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 pounds.
  • Pole length (floor to ceiling): 93 - 99 inches; 7 feet 9 inches to 8 feet 4 inches.
  • Trapeze measures: Support arm 17 inches long, adjustable strap 29 inch max, upper bar 6.25 inches, lower bar 10.25 inches.
  • Made in: Canada.

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