Writing Aids for Stroke Survivors help increase independence.

Writing Aids

A stroke is often caused by blocked blood vessels splitting open and causing bleeding in the brain, which may lead to brain damage. Some stroke survivors suffer partial paralysis, affecting their ability to use their hand and arm, causing limitations to daily, necessary tasks such as typing and writing. For stroke survivors, writing is often difficult due to problems with muscle control for controlling writing instruments.

Some stroke survivors may find a heavier, weighted pen may help them grip and hold more easily. Weights can be added or removed to increase stability of the writing instrument and help control writing. Other pens are designed for holding in a different way to provide increased stabilization for writing. For stroke survivors with reduced grip strength, making the barrel of the pen larger may be helpful. CaregiverProducts.com provides a variety of writing tools for people rehabilitating from a stroke.
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Evolutionary writing aid recommended by hand and occupational therapists.
Includes 6 colorful weights that provide sensory motor feedback for writing.
Helps provide feedback for those with difficulty in vestibular or proprioceptive processing.
Build up handles on eating utensils, toothbrushes, pens, pencils, tools and other hard to grasp items.
Helps to balance, guide and stabilize the hand for improved handwriting.
Pencils designed to promote tripod grasp, writing control, and endurance.
Eliminates the need to grip the pen or pencil.
Adult Weighted Universal Standard Holder provides added weight for those having difficulty writing due to tremors, ataxia, or shaking.
Weighted holder with vinyl grip, can be used with pens, pencils markers, paintbrushes, crayons, items that measure 1/8 in to 7/16 inch diameter.
Helps stabilize the hand for those with difficulty bearing down.
Large gripping aid simplifies writing and drawing for those with a weak grip.
Refills of blue ink for the Evo Pen
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