Wheelchair Positioning Aids help caregivers to improve comfort, provide safety, protect against skin breakdown for stroke survivors.

Wheelchair Positioning Aids

Wheelchair Positioning Aids for Stroke Survivors include cushions that help protect against skin breakdown, improve comfort, and reduce leaning or forward sliding. Positioning products help stroke survivors who lean laterally and need upper torso support while seated in a wheelchair.

A stroke survivor may be given a wheelchair either for a short time while in a hospital, or may be for a longer period of time to use after discharge. There are lots of reasons for using a wheelchair and it should not be seen as a backward step, but as a positive part of stroke rehabilitation. A wheelchair allows a stroke survivor to sit out of bed in a good position that encourages recovery. A wheelchair may allow a stroke survivor to visit with family and friends. An occupational therapist or physical therapist will provide recommendations regarding the safe use of a wheelchair.
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Made of strong 0.25 inch thick break-resistant polycarbonate.
Padded half tray with bracket pivots upward for easy entry and exit from the wheelchair.
Offers a clear line of sight to lap and legs.
Made of strong 0.25 inch thick break-resistant polycarbonate.
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