Transfer Aids help stroke survivors transfer easily from sitting to standing, or into and out of a wheelchair.

Transfer Aids

Lying in bed for long periods of time is generally depressing and boring for most stroke survivors. A change in position and surroundings by safely transferring from the bed to a chair or wheelchair provides several benefits. Being transferred to a chair enables the stroke survivor to execute some movements that they are unable to perform when in bed. A change in scenery will help brighten the person's mood and increase chances for socialization.

Proper handling of the stroke survivor and proper body mechanics of the caregiver should be encouraged to execute the transfer in the safest way possible. It is best to have the stroke survivor help the caregiver with moving as much as possible.
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For people who need assistance rising from their existing furniture.
Stable handle for standing from a couch or chair.
Sliding technology helps make transfers easier.
Slick surface reduces friction, makes transfers easier.
More comfortable for assisting transfers for users with abdominal sensitivity.
Helps caregivers make transfers easier for those who are able to stand but cannot readily move their legs.
Gait belt with soft lining helps prevent skin breakdown and increases patient comfort.
Provides caregivers with a secure hold and control during patient transfers.
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Extra wide soft nylon belt with multiple handles helps caregivers provide support for preventing falls.
Combination of a transfer belt with a sling, gently supports behind the back and under the knees.
3 inch high platform helps make standing from a recliner or chair easier.
Easy to use board with slick surface reduces effort required to transfer.
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