Adapted toileting aids ensure personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult.

Toileting Aids

For stroke victims who have a difficult time reaching when going to the bathroom, these toileting aids make getting completely clean much easier. Each toilet tissue aid design has been thoroughly researched and the resultant ergonomic shape helps stroke survivors who have limited dexterity or hemiplegia. Adaptive toileting aids including toilet tissue reachers, urinals, sprays and cleaners.
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Easy to use hygiene aid helps people who have difficulty bending.
Vinyl coated toilet tissue tongs assist caregivers in increasing independent hygiene.
A self-wipe, sanitary, easy to use, multipurpose, portable, personal toilet tissue aid.
$53.95 $49.99
Adds an additional 4 inches in length to the Freedom Wand.
Helpful for self cleansing for people who have difficulty reaching.
A small, convenient, portable female urinal.
A discreet male urinal that easily fits into a pocket.
Specifically formulated for incontinence and ostomy care.
Helps cleanse hygienic areas, leaving users feeling fresh and clean, odor free.
Choose from folding and non-folding models for travel.
Lightweight, long handle tongs feature a spring clip to hold toilet tissue.
$32.95 $24.95
Environmentally safe and user friendly odor eliminator spray.
Case quantity of environmentally safe odor eliminator spray bottles.
Natural, nontoxic formula eliminates urine stains and odors.
Box of 20 super absorbent disposable urinal bags for men
Simple, safe and hygienic wand helps make toileting easier.
$24.95 $22.95
Case quantity natural, nontoxic formula that eliminates urine stains and odors.
Gallon size natural, nontoxic formula that eliminates urine stains and odors.
Case of gallon size natural, nontoxic formula that eliminates urine stains and odors.
$149.95 $139.95
Portable, easy to use, multipurpose, personal toilet tissue aid and hygiene tool ideal for travel.
Extra long multipurpose personal toilet tissue aid with hand strap for users with limited mobility.
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