Mobility Aids help Stroke Survivors maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

Mobility Aids

One of the most important things a stroke survivor can do to facilitate rehabilitation is get moving again.

Mobility aids that can help stroke victims get up or stand include the couch cane, transfer handle and gait belt. Other useful stroke items include wheelchair backpacks, bags and pouches, the auto handybar and personal alarms for safety.

Stroke can interfere with daily living activities. Physical limitations make mobility more difficult for stroke victims. Many assistive mobility products, gadgets, tools, aids, and devices available can make getting up or standing up easier for stroke victims.

Entryways and hallways should have a 32-inch clearance to accommodate stroke survivors using wheelchairs. The edges of a swelled door may need to be shaved to allow for extra space. Offset door hinges provide extra space that can allow a person using a wheelchair or walker to fit through the doorway as well. An uneven threshold should be fixed or changed to prevent tripping and allow easier wheelchair access. A portable ramp is often an affordable solution. Individuals who do not require a wheelchair but find it difficult to move from place to place on their own and use a cane, walker, or scooter may feel more comfortable if handrails or grab bars are mounted to the walls of the home.

Stroke survivors may have difficulty maneuvering stairs. Handrails provide support while going up and down stairs and may be attached to reinforced walls or the floor or ground. A stair glide or stair lift is a way to transport a person up or down stairs while the person is seated. A person transfers to the seat and rides up or down the stairs on a track. This electrical technology may cost several thousand dollars to install. A platform lift, on the other hand, is similar to a small elevator. This lift transports a person up or down stairs. The person can step onto the platform or roll a wheelchair onto the platform and then the platform electrically moves the person to a different level. Platform lifts are available for indoors or outdoors.
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  • Car Transfer Aids Car Transfer Aids
    Helpful aids for transferring into or out of an automobile for stroke survivors
  • Transfer Aids Transfer Aids
    Transfer belts, boards, and slides help stroke survivors safely stand or sit
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Tension mounted floor to ceiling transfer pole with hand grips provides stable support for transfers in small spaces.
Easily lifts a weak or casted leg.
Pair of easy to attach extension handles help make pushing a wheelchair easier.
Slip resistant rubber treads are printed on top and bottom of the sock.
Rubber grippers printed on top and bottom for added protection from falls.
Easy to fold rolling walker, lightweight, compact, ideal for travel.
$145.95 $139.00
Provides comfortable support and safety for users walking and recovering from surgery.
Combination rollator walker, raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame.
$325.95 $299.00
Provides comfortable support and safety for users walking and recovering from surgery.
Adapted walker and lifting aid provides walking support.
Walking stabilizer with forearm supports for users needing additional upper body support
Stand up walking aid provides better posture support, prevents pain from walkers and rollators.
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