Adaptive grooming aids help stroke survivors feel and look good. If daily beauty chores are becoming increasing difficult, these ergonomic grooming tools can provide increased independence.

Grooming Aids

We understand the frustration of not being able to do something that was previously completed with ease. Daily grooming tasks can become a bit of a chore and a daily annoyance if limited dexterity, decreased arm strength, or impaired mobility cause difficulties performing these tasks. Stroke survivors can feel and look good with a little bit of help from adaptive grooming aids. If daily, beauty chores are becoming a little stressful or more difficult, these grooming aids can help to make life easier.
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Dual head brush with suction base ideal for independent one handed denture care.
Attaches to phones, cups, bottles, hair brushes and other items.
Help hold emery boards, razors or toothbrushes.
Bag of 20 individually wrapped oral swabs untreated or appealing mint flavoring.
Long handles help make brushing, combing hair easier.
Ideal for individuals with upper extremity weakness or tremor.
$24.95 $20.95
Long handle design holds dental floss securely to floss teeth easily and effectively.
Ergonomically designed to help people with weak hand or finger conditions floss more easily.
Clip nails easier.
Angled, long handle hair comb extends users reach
$14.95 $12.95
Helps users with limited shoulder movement reach & brush hair
$14.95 $12.95
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