Caregiver Products that help make dining - eating, drinking, and feeding - a little easier for stroke victims and caregivers.

Dining Aids

Many people who have had a stroke will get better and be able to enjoy a full and happy life. Still more are not able to function as well as they used to. Adaptive eating, drinking and feeding aids can help with these activities of daily living.

Feeding and Eating aids for stroke victims including adult bibs, scoop plates, food bumpers, plate guards, adaptive utensils, adapted silverware, tableware, cups, mugs and more. Our stroke dining aids help make caring for people with a stroke easier.
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Angle can be bent left or right for those with limited arm movement.
Adapted stainless steel spoon can be custom angled.
Custom angle for users with limited hand, wrist, elbow movement.
Angle for left or right handed users.
Rounded blade helps make cutting food easier.
Heavy handle, rounded blade helps make cutting food easier.
Spoon can be custom angled for users with limited movement.
Angle of the fork can be custom bent left or right.
Adapted stainless steel spoon with heavy handle can be custom angled.
Heavy handle provides added stability for unsteady hands.
Universal holder for cups, bottles, beverages does not require gripping.
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