Dressing Aids for Stroke Victims help increase dressing independence.

Dressing Aids

For someone who's survived a stroke, dressing themselves can become very frustrating. Dressing aids can help maximize dressing independence.

To eliminate difficulties in getting dressed, stroke survivors can avoid clothing that may be difficult to put on. The National Stroke Association suggests to “avoid tight-fitting sleeves, armholes, pant legs and waistlines, as well as clothes which must be put on over the head.” Clothes should fasten in the front. Velcro fasteners or elastic in place of buttons, zippers and shoelaces can make fastening clothes easier.

Dressing aids are also available. A reacher, button hook, dressing stick (for putting on clothing and socks and reaching items from a closet), mirror that hangs around the neck, sock aid (which is used to put on socks when someone has difficulty reaching his feet), long handled shoe horn, and elastic shoe strings can all be used in this process. If a stroke victim wants to dress themselves, many adaptive dressing aids are available to allow them to dress independently.
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Combines two dressing aids in one: a dressing stick and long handled shoe horn.
Large, soft handle is comfortable to grip.
$16.95 $14.95
Help make zipping easier.
Simple in design but comes in very handy for removing clothes and shoes.
Helpful for users who have difficulty putting on or taking off socks.
$43.95 $18.99
Makes it simple and easy to remove socks without straining a muscle.
Ideal for people with reduced finger strength and coordination.
Large rings allow users to easily grip and pull zipper tabs on jackets, pants, other items.
Helps put on socks with only one hand and less bending over.
For people recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury
Increase dressing independence for AFO users!
Buttoning and zipping tool for pants that does not require gripping.
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