Books, Resources & Videos for Stroke Survivors help caregivers maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

Books, Resources & Videos

Books, Resources & Videos for Stroke Survivors provide caregivers with tools for learning to care for their loved one. One of the first questions families ask “how long will it take my family member to get better?” Unfortunately, health care professionals usually don’t know the exact answer to that question. One thing we do know is that recovery from a stroke is a gradual process that may continue for months and even years.

It is everyone’s goal to maximize their recovery and ability to live independently or with very little help. Some individuals will eventually reach the goal of being able to live independently, and return to activities such as work and driving; however, others may continue to need more help from family and friends. There is no promise how much or how quickly each person may recover. Each person recovers at his or her own pace.
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Seated Yoga workout that focuses on breathing, gentle stretches and easy to perform yoga positions.
Consists of a series of gentle, slow flowing movements that will help tone and firm muscles without strain.
Safe effective, low impact workout good for all fitness levels.
Fun and effective toning workout video for beginners or lower level fitness clients, helps improve balance with strength training.
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