Bed Safety Rails increase safety in the bedroom for stroke survivors.

Bed Safety Rails

Stroke survivors who have limited use of one side of their body will find bed safety rails may help them transfer independently on and off a bed. The appropriate bed rail should be carefully chosen to reduce risk of entrapment. Each person's individual abilities and needs should be assessed to determine the best safety bed rail for their environment and needs.

Caregivers should make sure that the bed rail design and their relationship to other bed components don't increase the risk of entrapment. For example, bars within the side rail should be closely spaced to prevent the user's head from entering. Bed rails should be checked regularly check to make sure they are working properly. The mattress should be appropriately sized for the bed frame and the space between the mattress and the side rails should be small enough to prevent entrapment.

Bed safety rail alternatives include using a lowered mattress, such as a hospital bed on its lowest setting or a platform bed, which doesn't require box springs. A non-slip foam mat on the floor can help to cushion a fall or a motion alarm system can be used to notify a caregiver help is needed for getting our of bed.
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Stable support to help make movement in and out of a bed easier.
Offers a helping hand to a sitting position in bed.
Easily extends in length for full fall protection.
Provides dependable support when getting into or out of bed, without stretching or twisting.
Floor to ceiling support pole makes transfers from a seated position to a standing position easy!
Safety bed rail designed to provide support for users to get in and out of bed safely.
Adjustable height handle helps increase safety for user when getting in and out of bed
Portable, folding bed safety rail ideal for travel.
Leg extensions provide extra stability for safely standing.
Makes transfers from a lying down to sitting up in bed position to a standing position easy!
Floor to ceiling support pole fits angled ceilings, increases safety for transfers
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