Proper positioning can help stroke survivors to regain movement that was lost, or limit future problems with movement. In addition, proper positioning has been shown to increase awareness and protection of the weaker side of the body.

Bed Positioning Aids

Following a stroke, muscles can be affected in various ways, causing pain, spasticity, and problems with speed and range of motion. One way to minimize these effects is to properly support, position, and align the body. A healthcare professional can suggest safe and comfortable ways to properly position the body. This may include teaching proper techniques for transferring from sitting to standing and using positioning aids such as foam wedges or slings to maintain body support.

Proper positioning while lying on your back includes pillows placed behind the shoulder, head, weaker arm, and hip, and the feet placed in a neutral position. Positioning while lying on the weaker side includes one or two pillows placed under the head and the weaker shoulder positioned comfortably on a pillow. The stronger leg is forward on one or two pillows, and the weaker leg is straight out. Pillows are also placed in back and in front of the body. Positioning while lying on the stronger side includes one or two pillows placed under the head, the weaker shoulder is placed forward with the weaker arm supported by pillows, and the weaker leg is placed toward the back on pillows.

To prevent pressure sores, make sure the stroke survivor does not lie in the same position for long periods of time. Use pillows to support his affected limbs, especially the heels and elbows. Special mattresses reduce pressure and help prevent skin breakdown for stroke survivors who are unable to reposition themselves in bed.
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Helpful for users who are prone to skin tears or abrasions
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Adjustable blanket support lifts up blankets to protect sensitive feet.
Designed by an orthopedic surgeon to effectively remove pressure from the heel
Protects, elevates, and cushions the elbow.
Helps caregivers provide comfortable support and maintain a perfect position while reducing pressure in sensitive areas.
Eases pain in the back, legs, hips, and knees by maintaining proper spinal alignment.
Comfortable foam wedge cushion helps to maintain proper pelvic positioning to decrease low back pain.
Provides protection against skin breakdown.
Replacement gel pads for the Posey Gel Heel Pillow.
Ideal for eliminating pressure points in bedridden patients
Pair of cushions for relief of pressure for the feet, heels and ankles.
Wrist and hand resting splint for night time use.
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