Adapted bathing aids and accessories for stroke survivors provide increased independence in the bathroom.

Bathing Aids

For stroke survivors with limited mobility, bathing can present some obstacles. Adaptive bathing aids and accessories help stroke survivors to enjoy bathing independently or with less assistance from their caregiver.
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Great for one-handed cleaning.
Replacement inserts for the foot cleaning aid.
Long curved handle helps make back scrubbing, bathing easier.
Long handle hair washing aid allows users to easily shampoo hair and massage scalp.
Body washing basin provides a comfortable, full bath for bedridden individuals.
Easy to use portable shower helps caregivers provides the comfort and refreshment of a shampoo to bedridden individuals.
Contoured tray with raised edges and rubber cushion fits the neck comfortably and rest on client's shoulders.
Waterless shampoo leaves hair fresh and clean, no rinsing required.
Caps transfer shampoo and conditioner directly to hair and scalp.
Waterless bathing wipes cleanse, deodorize, moisturize skin
Ready to use shampoo - no water needed, helps caregivers provide hair care for users who have difficulty bathing due to illness, Alzheimer's, limited mobility.
Concentrated, gentle basin bath solution that does not require rinsing.
Waterless bathing solution, safe for sensitive skin, no rinsing required.
Produces a gentle bathing solution that does not require rinsing.
Allows individuals to remain upright in a comfortable seated position.
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Easy to install connector that converts a tub spout to a shower.
Long handle sponge assists those with limited reach for increased bathing independence.
Wash your feet without bending over!
Eliminates the hassle of wrapping up with a towel.
Comfortable user friendly hair shampoo alternative, no water needed.
Package of 12 waterless bathing gloves, leaves skin fresh, clean, odor free - without water.
Case of soft gloves with rinse-free hair shampoo, for waterless hair care.
Waterless bathing gloves help caregivers provide easier skin care.
Scrubbing sponge on long handle for bathing independently for users who have difficulty reaching.
Bath sponge on long handle holds soap for bathing.
Round or Contoured Sponges with handles that can be bent for increasing bathing independence.
Choose from Round or Contoured Sponges with large grip handles that fit comfortably in the hand.
Curved handle, round or contoured sponge with large handle grip helps make bathing easier.
Ready to use body wash bathing solution, does not require water or rinsing.
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