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Stand-a-Roo Standing Aid Double
Stand-a-Roo Standing Aid Double

Stand-a-Roo Standing Aid Double - Discontinued

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Adjustable arms provide support for safely standing up and sitting on a sofa, couch or bed.
Part Number: MSI402
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The Stand-a-Roo Standing Aid Double is a dual adjustable support handle that provides stability to help users safely and easily stand or sit from a sofa, couch, and bed. Caregivers will find these handles are easy to adjust and install, and are ideal for traveling.

The Stand-a-Roo Standing Aid Double adjusts in width and height to accommodate all couch sizes, from the smallest sofas and loveseats to large couches. The base fits under and in between removable cushions on a sofa or couch, or between the mattress and box springs on a bed. The handle arm height adjusts 10 to 14 inches high to provide increase leverage and a stable support. Made from super strong anodized aluminum for long lasting durability, the handles have an EVA non-slip foam grip for added comfort. Stand-a-Roo Standing Aid Double adjustable handles helps users who have difficulty standing or sitting safely from their favorite sofa or couch will find this standing aid provides leverage and stability.

Stand-a-Roo Standing Aid Double Specifications:

  • Measures: 19 to 33 inches wide, 10 to 14 inches high.
  • Assembly: None required.
  • Materials: Super strong anodized aluminum, EVA non-slip foam grip.
  • Weighs: Less than 2 lbs.
  • Supports: Up to 350lbs.
  • Fits: Beds with separated mattress & box spring, love seats with removable cushions.

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Stand-a-Roo Standing Aid Single - Discontinued
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