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Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl
Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl

Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl

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Put an end to messy accidents caused by sliding dinnerware.
Part Number: CMI74504
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The Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl is a large molded melamine bowl with a non-slip ring on the bottom to prevent sliding. This non slip bowl helps caregivers prevent spilling food caused by sliding dinnerware.

The Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl adapted dining bowl with slip resistant bottom and deep sides is made of molded melamine. Users who experience difficulty self feeding due to the movement of the dinnerware may find this non-slip bowl helpful. The 8.5 inch diameter bowl is 2 inches deep and has a non-skid rubber ring on the bottom. The large bowl is made of melamine that is durable, break, scratch and stain resistant. The non-skid ring on the bottom prevents sliding, which helps prevent accidental spills. The Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl provides caregivers a slip resistant bowl for dining independence.

Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8.5 inches diameter, 2 inches deep.
  • Care: Top shelf dishwasher safe.
  • Material: Melamine.
  • Color: White.

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