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Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon by Gyenno
Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon by Gyenno

Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon by Gyenno - Discontinued

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Electronic, intelligent design spoon stabilizes hand tremors
Part Number: CGT102
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The Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon by Gyenno is an adapted spoon with intelligent design that offsets hand tremors. People with essential tremor, hand tremors, Parkinson's will find this electronic self-leveling spoon helpful for increasing dining independence.

The lightweight Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon by Gyenno weighs just 4.5 ounces to improve efficiency during dining by preventing hand fatigue. The electronic handle offsets 85% of unwanted tremor by providing 360 degree stabilization. The handle automatically distinguishes between intentional hand motion and unconscious tremor, and is able to stabilize only the unconscious tremor. This adapted anti-tremor spoon integrates high-performance motor components, precise transmission structure, intelligent control modules, and high-accuracy sensors in a limited space.

Designed to be easily portable, the Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon by Gyenno has a medical grade, anti-bacterial silicone top to ensure a safe eating experience. The durable covering is made of Tritan, which provides long lasting protection and resistance to chemicals. Its rechargeable battery provides 180 minutes of continued use.

A simple test can be used to determine if the utensil will be helpful for the user. First, cut a 2.8 inch (7x7 cm) square hole in the center of a piece of paper. Ask a friend to hold the piece of paper vertically, using both hands. With your hand as close to the opening as possible, hold a pen in the center of the opening for 20 seconds, and observe the amplitude of your hand tremor. If the pen remains inside the opening most of the time, the Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon should be helpful. A test sample page pdf is included below.

Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon by Gyenno Sample Test Page

Self-Stabilizing Lite Spoon by Gyenno Specifications:

  • Includes: Electronic handle, spoon attachment, recharging base, USB cord, rechargeable battery.
  • Handle Dimensions: 3 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, 2 inches high tapering to 1 inch high.
  • Spoon measures: 1.25 inches wide, 0.25 inches deep.
  • Materials: Medical grade silicone, Tritan, 304 stainless steel.
  • Usage Time: 180 minutes.
  • Smart Battery Recharge Time: 4.5 hours.
  • Weight: 4.5 oz.
  • Color: White.

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