Adapted drinking cups dispense just the right amount of liquid for safe swallowing for stroke survivors with dysphagia.

Safe Swallowing Cups

Stroke survivors continue to enjoy drinking with our adapted drinking cups that help to make mealtime easier including specialized cups and straws that help dispense just the right amount of fluid for safe swallowing. Caregiver Products that help make drinking a little easier for stroke survivors and caregivers.
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Cup with nose cut out allows drinking with proper head and neck positioning, helpful for safe swallowing.
Nosey Glass allows drinking without bending the neck
Allows caregivers to control the liquid flow for users to drink dribble-free while lying down.
Fixed delivery amount cup designed for patients with stroke and dysphagia.
$39.95 $37.95
Replacement lid for 5cc Provale Cup.
Brown 10cc replacement lid for 10cc Provale Cups.
Drinking aid for a wide variety of users with swallowing disorders.
Dysphagia cup automatically delivers small portions and allows adjusting the portion size
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