Safe Swallowing Cups adapted drinking cups are designed to limit the amount of liquid that is released.

Safe Swallowing Cups

Safe Swallowing Cups include special drinking aids that are designed to allow caregivers to control the amount of liquid that is released. Loved ones with Dysphagia or dementia who are at increased risk for choking may benefit from these cups designed to promote safe swallowing. These specialty cups may allow the user to receive only a fixed amount of liquid, or allow the caregiver to adjust the amount of liquid that is released. A cup with a lid that has a button allows caregivers to release the drink only when the button is pressed. Cut-out or angled cups, also called nosey cups, allow a person to drink without having to tilt their head back, so they keep their chin lowered in the ideal position for swallowing safely.
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Cup with nose cut out allows drinking with proper head and neck positioning, helpful for safe swallowing.
Nosey Glass allows drinking without bending the neck
Allows caregivers to control the liquid flow for users to drink dribble-free while lying down.
Ideal for those with swallowing problems. Two handles allow for easier holding and manipulation.
Fixed delivery amount cup designed for patients with stroke and dysphagia.
$39.95 $37.95
Replacement lid for 5cc Provale Cup.
Brown 10cc replacement lid for 10cc Provale Cups.
Dysphagia cup automatically delivers small portions and allows adjusting the portion size
Press the rubber button to release liquid for controlled delivery, safe drinking
Package of 6 replacement lids for Independence Cups and Mugs.
Bright red adapted drinking cup helpful for users with limited neck motion or swallowing difficulties.
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