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RiJe Drinking Aid
RiJe Drinking Aid

RiJe Drinking Aid

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Dysphagia cup automatically delivers small portions and allows adjusting the portion size
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The RiJe Drinking Aid delivers small liquid portions to help people with dysphagia or swallowing problems be able to swallow safely. This dysphagia cup accurately and consistently dispenses from 3ml to 15ml of liquid.

A built-in regulator allows adjusting portion size using a key that is provided. The adjustment to the quantity of liquid that it dispenses is helpful for people who improve their swallowing from safely handling very small to larger volumes of liquid. After the portion is withdrawn and the RiJe cup is upright, another portion is ready for delivery within 2 to 3 seconds.

When using the RiJe cup, the person can drink either straight from the cup by lifting it to their lips or they can use a straw. The volume of liquid available to the user is still controlled even when drinking through a straw. The adapted drinking cup has two sturdy ergonomically designed handles that are easy to grip. The RiJe Cup can be used with both hot and cold thin liquids, and nectar thickened liquids (Slightly Thick and Mildly Thick , IDDSI Levels 0, 1, 2). The cup is not suitable for use with honey thick (moderately thick, IDDSI Level 3) and carbonated liquids. The cup can be cleaned by washing in a dishwasher or by hand.

PDFRiJe Drinking Aid Instructions for Assembly and Use

RiJe Drinking Aid Specifications:

  • Portion delivery: 3cc to 15cc of liquid.
  • Material: Cup is made of BPA free polypropylene. O-rings are made of food grade silicon.
  • Color: Aquamarine. (Red also available.)
  • Measurements: Cup measures 7 inches high, 4.25 inch diameter. Handle grips measure 4 inches long, 1.5 inch width.
  • Made in: Canada.

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