Why red? Studies show Alzheimer patients increase food intake by 24% and liquid by 84% due to red color.

People who have Alzheimer’s disease experience impairments not only in their cognitive abilities but also in their physiological status. Approximately 40% of Alzheimer’s patients experience significant weight loss. This weight loss may be due to many different factors but a study out of Boston University suggests that significant weight loss is due in part to the loss of the ability to distinguish contrast between colors.

People with Alzheimer's are not able to distinguish light colored food and drink on or in typically light colored tableware. When using tableware that offered a high contrast to the food and drink (i.e.: bright red and bright blue), researchers noticed that the participants in the study increased their food intake by 24% and liquid intake by 84%.

Choose from Redware Tableware Dining Sets, red adaptive plates and bowls, and other bright red colored dining aids.

Redware Tableware :: for Alzheimers

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Ergonomic fork, spoon, and knife promote self-feeding
Bright red adapted drinking cup helpful for users with limited neck motion or swallowing difficulties.
Bendable fork and spoon allow users to adjust the utensil to the best angle for self feeding.
Studies show Alzheimer patients increase food intake by 24% and liquid by 84% due to red color.
Bright red dish with raised dividers to promote eating independence!a
Makes it easier for users to see the food on their plate!
$12.95 $9.95
Bright red color adapted dining plate helps improve eating independence
Adapted plate helps to increase dining independence.
$11.95 $10.95
Adapted red dining plate with a non-slip base provides stability.
$11.95 $10.95
Red color increases contrast between food and plate
$11.95 $10.95
Clear universal lid that fits any of the Independence dining plates.
Bright red color shows high contrast between the table and food.
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