QuickBib® is the easy, practical and convenient bib that protects users from simple splashes, spills, stains and crumbs. Everyone from toddlers to those in assisted living and nursing homes can use this product. Anyone with physical challenges will enjoy the ease of independently putting on their clothing protector. These bibs can be personalized for parents and grandparents as gifts. Women can even use them to protect their clothing while applying their make-up. This unique product has a special composite ring in the collar that will maintain its shape yet be flexible enough to place the bib on your neck with ease. Injection molding provides top quality rings with a long lasting memory for shape and comfort.

Caregiver Products is proud to supply this high-quality bib by QuickBib®.
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Adult feeding bib & shirt protector
Slip on adult bib & clothing protector.
Easy to slip on adult size bib.