Psyche Sleep Pillow Large - Discontinued
Psyche Sleep Pillow Large

Psyche Sleep Pillow Large - Discontinued

Large unique butterfly shaped visco-elastic memory foam pillow for C-PAP mask users.

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Psyche CPAP Pillow, LLC.
  • Provides proper support for sleeping on your side or back.
  • Reduces pressure between the mask and the pillow.
  • Accommodates any C-PAP mask.
  • Quilted Cool-Mask Cover helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Allows the C-PAP tubing to move with your changing sleep positions.
The Psyche Sleep Pillow Large was designed by a sleep apnea patient for the sleep apnea patient. Every detail has been designed to help the sleep apnea patient finally get a good night’s sleep. Constructed of new visco-elastic memory foam, it provides C-PAP users just the right amount of support for comfortable positioning. The unique butterfly shape gives proper support to the neck and shoulders whether you sleep on your side or on your back.

The Psyche Sleep Pillow is protected with a removable quilted Cool-Max cover made from a special wicking material. This special material helps regulate your body’s temperature, keeping you dry and cool on warm nights, and warm and cozy on cool nights. Extra quilted Cool-Max covers are available and sold separately. To ensure long lasting quality, hand washing the removable cover is recommended. Across the top of the pillow are two sewn in elastic straps designed to take the weight of the tubing off the C-PAP mask, which allows the user to change positions easier.

This is the best pillow I have ever used as a CPAP patient! It’s like having a Tempurpedic pillow, but custom-tailored for my CPAP mask. I found that I had proper neck support whether I slept on my side or on my back. I really like the elastic bands that allow the tubing to move with me as I change sleeping positions. The Cool-Max covering is also very comfortable. I also like the fact that this pillow is made in America. -Debbie S. , Baltimore, MD

SIMPLY AWESOME!!! Psyche has developed a true memory foam, side sleeper pillow. If that wasn’t good enough, the pillow also holds the tubing out of my way. I could sleep on my side or on my back, and my neck was supported in both positions. Great pillow! -Matt H., Dallas, TX

Psyche Sleep Pillow Large Specifications:

Material: High quality, visco-elastic foam.
Measurements: 24 x 14 x 4.5 inches high.
Made in: USA.
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